Here are the Alice files. To open them, you may need to save them to your computer and open Alice prior to opening the file....




Below is the start of a bully world that will incorporate all three of the worlds above. It has an avatar that you can move around...

version from 2/28/11 6:55pm bullyworld.a2w (15.2 MB)
JJR: Added some more nature items and started to layout the "help area." The billboards included are simply placeholders and need to be created for real.
ISSUES: I believe the help area needs to be spread out a bit more. The way the avatar walks she takes to big of a step and too often you end up walking right through the help billboards. I think spreading out the objects in the help area will alleviate this a bit. We also may want to look at making each step smaller and the revolution of a turn shorter.

version from 3/3/11/ 9:39.
I added the classroom and cafeteria. i don't see the avatar anymore so I am not sure if I messed something up... so this is updated but we may not want to use if it I did more harm then good....

Version from 3/17/2011 6:55 PM
JJR: I have added the introduction billboards and a start to a help area. Now when the world opens the camera automatically takes you to the welcome billboards. the user can then move through the billboards by using the keyboard. the last billboard, when clicked, automatically teleports the user to the help area. this is where they see the avatar and can begin moving around.

Version from 3/21/11. 11:06am.
I added scenario 1. It's not perfect though....

Version from 3/22/11. 8:55pm.
I added scenario 2. check them out and give me feedback!

Feedback - Rizzo 3.23.2011 on latest version:
Debby. I thought the scenarios looked good. I liked the movement that you created and the dialog was good. I think we need to add something that tells the user to click the stop light to start the scenario (that should be part of the help section Lee is working on). Also, I think we need to follow the scenario with the "lesson." Something that reinforces to the user that "based on the two individuals you selected they interacted in such a way..." that could take multiple forms.

3-29-11 1:15 a.m.-Caitlin

I have added research billboards. I had a couple more that I wanted to add (statistics, websites to visit, etc.) and know I need to work on the placement of this part but also wanted to get this up here tonight. As I am personally working more in Alice I am starting to see more possibilities with how to do this area of the world so I would like some more time to work on this section (anytime after thursday?) but figured someone else might want to work on it this week since I have a busy couple of days! Anyways, someone else can take the file this week and just let me know when you are done so I can finish my section! Thoughts or additions to my part just let me know and I can do it!

4-1-11 - Lee
I was busier at conferences than I expected, I did put in the stop sign billboard, but i couldn't get it in exactly the right spot...I am going to make the billboards for the bully neutral and victims. So I will keep the two colors we currently have and maybe make the neutral orange? I should have those done by wednesday or thursday at the latest to put in. Where would you like me to stick them? I had trouble accessing my personal kent area so I have uploaded the file to mediafire, since I had an account.

4-7-11 - Debby
I am working on the Alice file now. I will have it back on the wiki later this evening. ( I can't get upload while I am on my school's server.)
I am adding color bubbles. "red" for Carly, bully. "orange" for stephanie, victim, "green" for coach. Also, I added a basketball to the gymnasium scene for an extra object and I added this effect where the camera zooms in to begin the scenario and then zooms out at the end...

8:35pm. 4/7/11 updated file.

4-10-11 Lee
Made the stop light sign bigger and positioned it, created two of the character billboards, though I think I mislabeled stephanie..I can go back and fix it this week. Here is the file.

4-14-11 Lee
Created alice billboards for the bully and victims and moved them closer to the starting area. Moved the stop lights off of the ground to make them a little easier to see.

4-22-11 Caitlin

Let me know if the student profiles look big enough now. I think I fixed the flying cheerleader problem. I also changed the camera movement when you go to the scenarios, let me know if they work for everyone. I didn't delete how they were programmed before, I just disabled them so it can easily be switched back. Before we submit one of us should go through and delete the disabled prompts if we decide not to change back to them. I made it so that when you click on the student info it "speaks" and gives prompts that (hopefully) will direct the user to the appropriate scenario and then there is a sign that will take them back to the student profile area. I also added a sign to click to go to the resource area. It is pretty late and I have been staring at my computer for almost 5 hours so there is a good chance that I did something wrong so look at it VERY carefully, but ideally anything should just be minor changes now, such as rewording what the student profiles "say" when clicked or timing for the text, specifically when it reads "Take the time to learn about...". I have it at 20 seconds to give people some time to read the profile but wasn't really sure on this... I feel like I forgot to do something that we discussed tonight....let me know if/what and I can do it. Oh, I am pretty sure apologize was spelled wrong in the gym scenario, can whoever takes this next change that? Meant to do that before I uploaded the file...