A place to add our billboard ideas and billboards.

Pretty basic but just some thoughts to get us started! Wasn't sure if we had decided on male or female for the characters so I obviously left some areas blank. (caitlin)

I made some revisions based on my scenario... hope that's okay. 3/1/11. (debby)

Confidential Student Information:
Name: Carly Dolin
Grade: 8
GPA: 3.3

Family Information:
Father: Dan Profession: Lawyer
Mother: Anne Profession: Lawyer
Siblings: None
Note: Parent’s are divorced and child lives with mother
School Activities: Cheerleading

Teacher Notes:
9/23/11: Carly acts impulsively and enjoys the attention from disrupting class

11/1/11: Regarding the Parent-Teacher Conference, parents unable to schedule time for meeting-schedule’s are too busy. In an email, the father seemingly not concerned with child’s increasingly aggressive behavior.


Confidential Student Information:
Name: Stephanie Schaffer
Grade: 8
GPA: 3.5, Honor Roll Student

Family Information:
Father: Sam Profession: Bank manager
Mother: Susan Profession: Realtor
Siblings: younger brother, Max
School Activities: Basketball, Soccer, Yearbook

Teacher Notes:
10/13/11: Stephanie was new to the district this year. She is friendly and and respectful. She is also active in school activities.


Victim: It would be good if we could have the victim be overweight but I think the options are limited in Alice.

Confidential Student Information:
Name: Katie Mack
Grade: 7
GPA: 3.7, Honor Role Student

Family Information
Father: Joe Profession: Sales
Mother: Sue Profession: Homemaker
Siblings: Older sister, Tina

School Activities: Student government

Teacher Notes:
10/15/11: Katie does not socialize well with others. She excels in school academics but struggles in social settings. Her parents are extremely involved and I would classify them as “helicopter parents.”

Rizzo - Sally Smith a Victim (This is from the original billboard I created a while back. I do not recall if i was supposed to do a B/V/orN for this...but i thought I would get this one here anyway. I will check the transcripts and add another if need be.)

Research Support: The traits and behaviors demonstrated by Sally in the profile below are derived from the works of Twemlow, Sacco, Williams, A Clinical and Pages 9-10 chart various characteristics of certain types of bullies and victims. BullyVictimBystander.pdf

Name: Sally Smith
Grade: 7
Parents: Joe and Mary Smith
School Counselor: Barb Fogerty

Counselor's Notes:
8/15/2010: Sally's parents demonstrated a high level of aggression during the last student scheduling meeting. Often, both parents verbally reprimanded each other, spoke over one another, and constantly interrupted one another and especially Sally. Both parents were also verbally aggressive with counseling staff.
11/1/2010: I have become increasingly concerned about Sally's interpersonal relationships. She has few friends and seems to irritate other classmates. As a result, she is often left out of most group activities.

Teacher Notes:
12/1/2010 - Mr. Nye, Science: Sally has become a consistent disruption in class stemming from her relentless pursuit of my attention. She frequently blurts out answers and calls me to her side for questions and often pointless dialog unrelated to the task at hand.

Victim-something I was thinking of...I would think a victim's grades would suffer due to the bullying.
Name: DJ Baum
Grade: 8
Parents: Robert and Linda Baum
School Counselor:
GPA: 2.8
School Activities: Football (quit 1/2 through season) (due to bullying?)

I created the billboard images in powerpoint. Proofread please, make any changes! John- add them as billboards to Alice whenever, or let me know if you want me to do it!