Using a Virtual Reality Environment as a Bullying Prevention Teacher Training Tool

Virtual Reality, Spring 2011
Kent State University
Lee Bach, Caitlin Fritz, Debby Hennenberg, John Rizzo

Bullying is a serious problem in today's educational system. According to stopbullying.gov, a government sponsored website that provides information from multiple agencies regarding various aspects of bullying, 56% of students have witnessed some type of bullying at school. In addition, as stated on education.com "...the general consensus is that one out of three children are bullied at school, in the neighborhood, or online and that one out of three children bully others."

A variety of programs aimed at informing teachers, parents, students, school administrators, and community leaders on the dangers, warning signs, and preventative steps against bullying are available. This project aims to become an option for early intervention and prevention of bullying by teaching how student attributes such as personality traits, family background, and behavior history can be predictive of bullying behavior.

This site provides an overview of the project, the rationale, and the project file for download. Using the links to the left you can learn more about our application and then download the Alice file to give it a try.

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