To Do List with Assignments:

Assigned To
Oranization of wiki for final submission: We proposed that our project
would be a prototype. The Alice project will have one completed location with
scenarios and the second level of the game would describe bullying interventions.
The wiki site needs to be prepared for this information with the creation of appropriate
pages, etc. In addtion, I feel, we will need the following information on the wiki: Explanation/
justification of our bully, victim, neutral personality traits. This should be backed by cited research.
Dr. Ferdig explains the questions we will need to answer when submitting the final project on the Moodle
site (it is on the the assignment "submit final project"). All of these should be addressed in our wiki.
But it needs to be organized first.

Gathering of all research: We have each done research on various parts of this project but we need to
gather it all in one place and determine which pieces will be referenced.

Intervention Research & How this would look in a second level of our world: As mentioned
previously we proposed having bullying interventions be a "level 2" of our world. If this is still the plan, then
what these interventions are (backed by research) and how it would look in our world (possibly illustrations)
are needed and should be included on the wiki.

Creation of each area of our world: Personally I envision their being several distinct areas in our world -
  1. The Welcome area - where the world starts and the user is greeted with a welcome message
  2. The help area - an area physically close to the Welcome area that explains to the user how to navigate the world, what the objective is, how to select students, etc,
  3. The Student Profile area - This is where our student billboards will be located and where the user can select B/V/N combinations
  4. The scenario locations - Gym, Cafeteria, Classroom - we decided to only work on one location for our prototype but the other two should still be in the world.
  5. Bully Information Resource area - I picture this to be a place where we can provide bullying information to the user. This could be links to sites, text, videos, etc. It also could be some of our research articles.
All of these areas need to be designed.

The Student Profile Billboards: These need to be created per our chat on Thursday. They are being built here on the wiki.

The Scenarios: Each scenario will need to be scripted and storyboarded. This has started here on the wiki.

Coding of Scenarios: Each scenario will need to be coded in Alice in addition to the logic to display the correct scenario based on the students selected by the user.

User Interaction with the Scenarios: There has been discussion of asking the user a quesion prior to watching the scenario regarding how they feel the situation will unfold based on the students they selected. This will need to be clarified and questions developed.